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About Cloud+MD

About Cloud+MD

Cloud Medical Doctor Software (Cloud+MD) is a ground-breaking, publically traded company that brings to doctors the information technology, economic stability, and political clout that has eluded them to date.

Our solutions are designed by doctors for doctors with the goal of the company being threefold:


  1. Increase individual practice income;
  2. Create personal investment value;
  3. Regain influence over the way medicine is practiced and administrated.

Working with Cloud+MD brings state-of-the-art systems, increased income opportunities,
highly efficient billing services and the autonomy to practice medicine in the way you see fit.

Managing a profitable medical business is a very challenging proposition:

High-deductible, consumer-driven health plans are significant operational issues; payer rules affect the revenue of the practice; physicians are in a volume business; reimbursements are trending down; patients don’t pay their bills; revenues are flat as costs continue to rise; and federal mandates and programs continue to burden the practice of medicine.

To further illustrate the challenges medical providers face, the AMA,, Medicare, MGMA, American Medical News and other organizations who closely monitor the industry say that:

  • Once a patient leaves the facility with a balance due, after 60 days the chances of collecting are as low as 20 percent.
  • Initial claims denial rate nationally is 30% before re-submittal. Only 40% -50% are actually resubmitted.
  • 11% of total net claims are denied or simply not re-submitted.
  • Denied and re-submitted claims cost 3 times more than single correct claims.
  • Mistakes made at front-end patient registration cost a lot of money in back-end billing follow-up.
  • Medicare and Insurance companies continue to reduce reimbursements.
  • AMA studies indicate the average provider is consistently underpaid 15% of contracted amounts
  • AMA News says that providers are leaving an average of $65,000 per year “on the table”.
  • Last year, alone, physicians spent more than $20 Billion collecting from patients.

The Difference Maker

Physicians can come together as entrepreneurs and leverage capital, influence, and intellectual resources to: curtail the dramatic decline in physician income; end being held hostage by healthcare IT companies for system upgrades; and re-establish their influence on the direction of medicine. In order to accomplish these critical goals, remain fiscally viable and have a sustainable practice, physicians need an organization that offers power in numbers and a long term, successful business strategy.

CLOUD+MD provide physicians with the tools, the organization and the knowledge required to allow them to do what they love – practice medicine.

The CLOUD+MD business solution consists of five key dynamics:


By providing systems, services, ancillary income opportunities and organized lobbying efforts, CLOUD+MD can offer physicians the opportunity to shape the healthcare debate and make a positive contribution to improving the way medicine is practiced. In addition, these key dynamics help the physician to own, control and profit from their actions as physicians. CLOUD+MD are the vehicle by which physicians can finally:

  • Reduce the risk of being in an independent practice;
  • Take advantage of financial benefits of equity;
  • Control the direction of the profession that they chose.

The CLOUD+MD solution can provide physicians the opportunity to reclaim their lost prominence as they participate in the building of a strategically significant company.

Created by physicians for physicians, CLOUD+MD have the physician’s interests as its core value.